Bug Bounty 2022 Guide: Where to focus // How to make money // How to get started today

Is there a future for you in Bug Bounty? Can you make money out of buy bounty? Is this a full time or part time job? STÖK answers these questions and many more 🙂

Real answers to real world questions. Are you too young? Are you too young? Can you make lots of money in bug bounty? Is it a full time or part time job?

// MENU //
00:00 ▶️ Introduction
00:42 ▶️ Who is Stök?
02:09 ▶️ Stök\’s Career Journey
05:09 ▶️ How Stök got into in Bug Bounty
10:46 ▶️ What is a Race Condition and BURP?
14:26 ▶️ What is Bug Bounty?
16:30 ▶️ Hacking within scope
19:36 ▶️ Is Bug Bounty a Full-Time Job?
25:07 ▶️ Stök and Truesec
26:26 ▶️ Tips For Teenagers To Do Bug Bounty
33:50 ▶️ \”Teenagers Will Do Better Than You\”
34:54 ▶️ Basic Skills, Knowledge and Tips for Bug Bounty
38:40 ▶️ Guide To Starting Bug Bounty
46:00 ▶️ How To Network
48:57 ▶️ The Negatives of Bug Bounty
52:25 ▶️ Is Bug Bounty For Young People
53:50 ▶️ Advice For Young People
57:46 ▶️ Is Bug Bounty for \”Older\” People
01:02:10 ▶️ Learn OWASP Top 10 Vulnerable Classes
01:03:38 ▶️ The Future: Make sure you understand Web3, Blockchain and NFTs

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// Videos and people mentioned //
Top 5 tips to get started in Bug Bounty: https://youtu.be/CU9Iafc-Igs
Network Chuck interview: https://youtu.be/HbcY1HQtLms
Frans Rosén: https://twitter.com/fransrosen
Jason Haddix: https://twitter.com/Jhaddix
Ben Sadeghipour (Nahamsec): https://twitter.com/NahamSec
Adam Langley: https://twitter.com/adamtlangley

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