Flipper Zero Wireless remote control (Bad USB and Mouse Jacking)

Talking Sasquach shows us how use mouse jacking to take control of a wireless keyboard and then use a bad usb to control
the PC. A very cool demo.

Disclaimer: Only attack networks that you own or have permission to attack.

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// YouTube videos mentioned //
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Logi Dongle USB Stand: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1521407475/logi-dongle-usb-stand

// MENU //
00:00 – Mouse jacking using Flipper Zero // Things you’ll need
01:54 – NRF24 mouse jacking demo
06:51 – Where to get vulnerable bluetooth dongles
07:57 – Talking Sasquach YouTube channel and discord
09:29 – Conclusion

// Detailed Timestamps //
00:00 – Introduction
00:02 – Topic Introduction
00:08 – Welcoming the Guest
00:10 – Today’s Topic & Demo Discussion
00:16 – Mouse Jacking & NRF board
00:31 – About Bluetooth & Issues
00:48 – Board Capabilities & Differences
01:13 – Old Keyboard & Susceptibility
01:47 – Upcoming Video & Mouse Jacking Demonstration
02:54 – Demo Setup & Execution
03:13 – Using the latest extreme firmware
03:16 – RGB backlight support and its cool mod.
03:23 – Challenges and tricky parts of the mod.
03:27 – Introduction to NRF24 and transitioning to the screen
03:32 – Transition to the desktop and the NRF24 Sniffer
03:44 – Sniffing for NRF signals and keyboard demo
04:15 – Anticipated pop-ups and demonstrations
04:34 – Challenges of pairing the dongle
05:00 – Not always achieving instant results in hacking
05:12 – Saving address files and running bad USB payloads
06:15 – It’s opening up Notepad right now
06:23 – So just so that everyone understands
06:34 – It’s hooked up to the computer physically
06:47 – It’s really, it’s a pretty cool thing
07:02 – They even have the address written on it
07:17 – It’s not supposed to have really, really good range
07:31 – You’d love to give us the links for those Etsy people
07:53 – It might come after this video
08:10 – Guest does a lot of FlipperZero content
08:39 – Nate’s Discord
08:52 – When I started the whole YouTube thing
09:30 – Check out Nate’s social media, and outro.

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Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only.

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