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00:00 – Coming up
01:12 – Brilliant sponsored segment
03:04 – What is OSINT?
04:42 – How to get into OSINT
07:39 – OSINT in law enforecment // Career paths with OSINT
11:42 – Dark Web course
12:45 – Roadmap to get into OSINT // OSINT page walkthrough
22:08 – course bundles
23:46 – Recommended YouTube channels
26:35 – How to reach out to the OSINT community // Discord & Slack
29:45 – OSINT challenges & CTFs // “Failure is part of learning”
35:01 – How to keep track of data & information
37:18 – Prerequisite skills for OSINT
39:48 – Is too late to get into OSINT?
43:40 – The downside of getting into OSINT // How to get jobs in OSINT
47:35 – Certifications & networking in OSINT
52:20 – Top 3 things in 2024 to get started with OSINT
56:45 – Advice on privacy
58:13 – Recommended VPNs // TOR vs VPN
01:02:25 – How to connect with Micah and Griffin // Conclusion

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