Hacking APIs and Cars: You need to learn this in 2023!

You need to learn how to hack APIs in 2022. This is the future battlefront! Ignore this at your own peril.

// MENU //
\n00:00 ▶️ Coming up
\n00:44 ▶️ Intro
\n00:53 ▶️ Alissa Knight introduction and background
\n02:36 ▶️ Published author and filmmaker
\n03:30 ▶️ Alissa Knight YouTube channel
\n05:02 ▶️ Book on API hacking
\n06:05 ▶️ The definition of hacking
\n10:25 ▶️ How to approach hacking
\n14:10 ▶️ The importance of learning
\n16:07 ▶️ How to start hacking APIs
\n22:54 ▶️ \”The Desire\”
\n25:35 ▶️ Recommended certifications
\n28:35 ▶️ Understanding Networking fundamentals
\n30:04 ▶️ Do you have to be a programmer to hack?
\n33:09 ▶️ Mastering tools
\n34:33 ▶️ Hacking APIs
\n38:43 ▶️ Shift left security, shield right
\n40:15 ▶️ Bank app developed by marketing team
\n42:51 ▶️ Smart phone takeover
\n45:10 ▶️ How to learn to hack APIs
\n48:11 ▶️ Process on how to hack APIs
\n55:05 ▶️ Implementing authorization and authentication
\n56:43 ▶️ APIs in nuclear plant systems
\n58:52 ▶️ Wifi pineapple
\n01:01:23 ▶️ Securing APIs in cars
\n01:03:18 ▶️ \”Exciting times\”
\n01:05:45 ▶️ Conclusion

Nahamsec Interview: https://youtu.be/Y2Y4Sk0PswU

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