Lessons from the Real World (and how you can become an Insider as well)

Fantastic to talk to two amazing Cisco Insiders! Such amazing people and stories! Protecting banks and automating networks are just a part of what they do every day.

Big Thank You to Cisco for sponsoring my trip to Cisco Live and this video!

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// MENU //
00:00 – Coming Up
00:41 – Intro
00:47 – VIP Program
01:51 – Cybersecurity Defender of the Year
03:16 – Winning a Beard Competition
03:49 – Trailblazer Customer Award
06:02 – Cisco Champions
08:10 – Job Titles
13:10 – What Should I Start With?
15:44 – Python or Ansible?
16:55 – Learning English
17:38 – Join a Community
18:50 – Advice for Young People
22:23 – Cisco Live Announcements
24:15 – Automation
28:16 – ThousandEyes
30:37 – What Would you ask AI?
31:09 – The Value of People
31:58 – What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?
35:35 – Conclusion

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Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only.

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