My YouTube channel being hacked // Lessons learned from hack

I wish this was just clickbait! Unfortunately my YouTube channel got hacked recently. In this video I explain more and share some lessons I\’ve learned. I\’m hoping that this helps educate both you and your family.

I answer questions like:
– Do I fire the person responsible?
– Did we not use 2FA?
– What lessons were learned?
– Do I change the way we work?

// MENU //
00:00 – Introduction
00:35 – Breakdown of events
01:03 – Editor vs Owner privileges
01:47 – How long was I hacked?
01:58 – Your support and comments
02:12 – Thanking Neal Bridges
02:49 – Previous Updates and 2FA
03:08 – Phishing John Hammond
03:29 – The person involved
04:14 – Primary take-aways
05:27 – Your info is safe
06:04 – Lessons learnt
07:12 – UK Data Breach Laws
07:29 – Bypassing 2FA
08:09 – Compartmentalizing
08:58 – PFSense
09:20 – Anti-virus always won\’t work
09:43 – In conclusion

NOTE: In case this wasn\’t clear in the video: The person in question was using 2FA and a password manager. Access was still made to YouTube. So, like Corridor Crew and others, even though 2FA was used, someone still managed to get access to my YouTube channel.

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