Network Chuck Hacked YouTube! Learn how RIGHT NOW!!

Network Chuck hacked the YouTube algorithm and has one of the best tech YouTube channels! We can all learn so much from him and his journey. From selling toilets to millions of YouTube subscribers. Learn from one of the best!

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*The 4-Hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss:
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Feel Good Productivity by Ali Abdaal:

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Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon:
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Atomic Habits by James Clear:
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Building a second brain by Tiago Forte:

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The ruthless elimination of hurry by John Mark Comer:
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It doesn’t have to be crazy at work by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier:
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00:00 – Coming Up
01:12 – Sponsored Section
02:13 – Introduction
02:35 – NetworkChuck’s Origin Story
08:03 – IT is a Cheat Code
09:42 – NetworkChuck’s Start on Youtube
12:39 – Wasting Time with Corporate Hustle Culture
14:07 – Meeting David Bombal
15:50 – CBT Nuggets
20:34 – Committing to YouTube
23:39 – Accomplishing the 4-Hour Workweek
25:50 – Being Intentional with Your Life
29:08 – Advice on Becoming a YouTuber
37:06 – NetworkChuck’s Video Creation Process
44:04 – Solo vs Team
45:45 – How Does NetworkChuck Write His Script
48:00 – NetworkChuck’s Setup and Process Continued
50:41 – The Hacker Mask
52:34 – Who is NetworkChuck’s Audience
55:48 – Simplifying Learning
59:09 – How Long Does a NetworkChuck Video Take
01:03:04 – Struggles of a Pro YouTuber
01:04:18 – NetworkChuck Branding
01:09:36 – Copy Cats
01:11:43 – How Does NetworkChuck Write on Screen
01:15:25 – Live streaming
01:17:01 – NetworkChuck Academy
01:21:34 – Hacking the YouTube Algorithm
01:26:21 – Learn Along the Way
01:31:36 – Opportunities on YouTube
01:38:22 – How to Know What’s Trending
01:40:01 – How to Balance Your Schedule and Capacity
01:44:45 – NetworkChuck’s Book Recommendations
01:52:43 – Outro

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