OSINT: You can’t hide // Your privacy is dead // Best resources to get started

You cannot hide. Your privacy is over. Want to learn OSINT? Want to learn how easy it is to find information online? Time to learn Open Source Intelligence from the best.

I think I\’ll move to a cave 🙁

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// MENU //
00:00 ▶️ I will find you!
01:08 ▶️ Introducing//Technisette//Lisette
01:30 ▶️ Introducing//NixIntel//Steven
01:58 ▶️ Introducing//WebBreacher//Micah
02:41 ▶️ What is the OSINT Curious Project?
04:04 ▶️ What is OSINT?
04:46 ▶️ Does Law Enforcement Use OSINT?
06:03 ▶️ Why Do We Do OSINT?
07:28 ▶️ Are Government Agencies Happy Facebook Exists?
08:07 ▶️ Skills Needed for OSINT
11:32 ▶️ Where Do I Start?
12:41 ▶️ People/Websites to Help You Start
13:56 ▶️ Why Did the OSINT Curious Project Start?
14:26 ▶️ Book Recommendations
16:39 ▶️ OSINT//Generally Relevant or Are There Different Skills for Different Parts of the World?
18:42 ▶️ OSINT Demo//Finding Pivot Points
19:24 ▶️ OSINT Demo//Narrowing Down Results
20:44 ▶️ OSINT Demo//Searching for Breach Data
21:55 ▶️ OSINT Demo//Finding Users on Different Websites
23:58 ▶️ Technisette//Finding Missing Daughter
31:31 ▶️ Other Careers That Use OSINT
33:12 ▶️ How To Be Private Online//Live In A Cave
37:32 ▶️ OSINT Operational Security
41:20 ▶️ How To Be More Private Online
43:55 ▶️ Where To Find More OSINT Tools
44:55 ▶️ Women in OSINT?
49:55 ▶️ Technisette\’s Advice For Parents
51:47 ▶️ Teach Your Children Your Passion
53:14 ▶️ Talk With Your Children About Their Online Habits
56:54 ▶️ Image Analysis//Your Room Could Dox You
58:10 ▶️ Story: NixIntel//Teenage Hackers
01:04:28 ▶️ Story: WebBreacher//Finding Missing Employee
01:07:37 ▶️ Story: STRAVA Leaking Military Patrol Routes
01:12:29 ▶️ Closing//Leave A Comment!

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// Websites mentioned //
OSINT games: https://www.osint.games/
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OSINT Training: myosint.training

Fitness app Strava lights up staff at military bases:


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1. Hack The World With OSINT – Chris Kubeka: https://amzn.to/3xM61I1
2. Open Source Intelligence Techniques (Ninth Ed) – Michal Bazzel: https://amzn.to/3Lb7MSX

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