Real World Hacking with OTW (Privacy and Cybersecurity IoT warning)

Should you be using IoT devices? Think carefully … there is a new Botnet out there targeting IoT devices. IoT devices unfortunately often have very poor security…. and can be targeted.

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00:00 – Coming Up
01:40 – Sponsored Segment
03:17 – Welcome Back, OTW!
05:11 – OTW’s New Course
06:42 – Hacking IoT
07:00 – Botnets and DDOS
14:03 – OpenWrt
18:34 – How do Botnets get Access?
21:57 – Electronic or Manual Locks?
26:28 – TikTok
30:24 – You Buy but You Don’t Own
32:22 – Ring Doorbell Story
33:31 – Right to Repair
36:05 – Hacking Vehicles
40:44 – Luddites
47:00 – Conclusion

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